We are part of the nation’s most prominent supporters of veterans, military, and their families.

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Volunteer Appreciation Dinner: Monday, April 15, 5pm - 8pm (sign up in lobby)

Making a Difference while having Fun

As our 2023-2024 year ends this May, and the Kentucky Derby is soon approaching, I am most grateful for the enthusiastic and talented group of board members and volunteers. You have helped us achieve record-breaking results this year. Membership is at an all-time high. Fundraising has reached a level like we have never seen. 

I am proud to announce that because of your continuous efforts, we have managed to bring more than $45,000 to a long list of benefactors. You may be very surprised at all the good that comes from your hard work. We are now ahead of the field. The benchmark is set very high for the coming year. We need your support, more than ever. Many of you would love to volunteer and are just waiting to be asked. So, we are asking! Help us make a difference. 

Let’s saddle up for this coming year – unleash your inner thoroughbred and follow the rhythm of your hearts from the track to the 2024-2025 winner’s circle.

Erica Kubea - Auxiliary President

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Upcoming Events

Sunday, February 25
– Lunch at 2pm
– Adults get Quiche & Green Bean Salad
– Kids get Chicken Tenders, Mac-n-Cheese & Fruit
– Strawberries with Sabayon for Dessert
– Ballet at 3pm
– Online Reservation Required

Sunday, March 3
– Please register here on website
– Registration cut-off date is Thursday, February 29

Friday, March 15
– Ziti is baked with Italian Sausage and lots of Cheese
– Reservations NOT Required
– Space is limited
– First Come, First Serve

Sunday, March 24
– For children 10 and under
– Sign up in Lobby before March 17

Saturday, March 30
– Baked Holiday Ham on the Carving Station
With Banquet Billy’s Pineapple-Rum-Raisin Sauce
– You will love Regina’s Cheesy Potatoes made with Real Shredded Potatoes
– Reservations NOT Required
– Space is Limited
– First Come, First Served

Monday, April 8
– $8 Lunch Special 11:30 – 1:30PM

Just as the Moon will Cover the Sun the Mashed Potatoes will Cover the Meatloaf

Includes Veg, Dessert & Solar Glasses

Click the graphic above for details on each featured event, Or click the calendar below for all our upcoming events!

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Fun at 598

We’d love to see how you’ve had fun at American Legion Auxiliary 598 over the years!

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President's Corner

There’s an illness that has been documented by poets for centuries. Its symptoms include a flushed face, increased heart rate, appetite loss, restlessness, and daydreaming. It’s Spring Fever, that  wonderful amorphous disease we all recognize this time of year.

Spring is nature’s way of saying “Lets Party.” And why not because  our Auxiliary really has a lot to celebrate. The first thing to  celebrate is our membership number, which is currently at 725, another all-time high. It is so great to see all the new faces! The  second thing we must celebrate is that through our dedication,  teamwork, creativity, and volunteers, we were able to give $45,000 in 2023 Auxiliary donations to our veteran community. My  personal gratitude and sincere thanks go out to all the board  members and the hundreds of volunteers that make 598 a better place.

Be sure to visit ALA598.Org to see all our exciting Spring events. New this year is a Quarter Auction on April 19. Also, please join us April 21 when we welcome new members, during our New Member Orientation, while they learn more about 598.

A little bird, he told me so. He said, “come on, get on the go. Open your eyes, the sky is full of butterflies.” The blossoms on the trees stir up the honeybees. Spring makes my fever right. Spring Fever.
~ Elvis Presley

Happy Easter! And again, a huge thank you for all you do to make this a truly amazing Auxiliary and a welcoming place for all our new members!



By Erica Kubea
Auxiliary President

Who We Are

We are the male and female spouses, grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and direct and adopted female descendants of members of The American Legion. Some of us are veterans ourselves.


What We Do

The American Legion Auxiliary serves the veterans, families, and communities of Ohio by fostering citizenship, promoting service, and supporting democracy. We encourage all our members and our communities to support the men and women who have served their country in defense of freedom.


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Orthopedic Associates
Howerton Plumbing
Lula Bell Cards &Gifts
Pies and Pints
Condado Tacos
Pot Belly
Mode X Tequila Bistro
Hickory Bar-B-Q
Old Scratch Pizza
NCR Country Club
Sugar Valley Country Club
Yankee Trace
Elsa’s Kettering
Blue Star Families
Civista Bank
Primetime Party Rental
Oakwood Club
Wild Poppy
Dot’s Market
Copey’s Meats
TJ Chumps
Petals on the Pike

White Allen
Crown Packaging
Post 598
Post 675
Pine Club
Legion Riders 598
Hot Head Burritos
Snow Hills Ski Resort
Dublin Pub
Ajanta India
Old Bag of Nails
Dayton Street Eats
Apple Properties
Hollywood Gaming
Brenda’s Flowers
Honor Flight
Los Reyes
Barry Bagels
Dorothy Lane Market
Culpepper Law
Fleet Graphics

Kroger Cornerstone
Metropolitan Cleaners
Submarine House
Sea Jax
Fly Boys
Jimmie’s Ladder 11
Warped Wing
Learning Express
Trader Joes
Bee Gees Market
Grapes Drive-Thru
Perfect North Slopes
Ohio Wine Producers
Greek Street
Jaqui’s Hair Salon
Dayton Dragons
Core Life
City BBQ
Elsa’s Sugarcreek
Firehouse Subs

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