Such a great group of guys, I’ve could not have been so blessed to find such talented guys, who stepped up to the plate to give back when we were asked to help form the Dayton Guitars 4 Heroes Band. Each with their on talents but each with their own story to tell on how they got to be such good, talented musicians and good hearted people who wanted to help care for our veterans in needs. Part of us here have had and still have our battles of PTSD, and or other Combat related Injuries.

PTSD is not one of those things that’s “Let’s give you some meds and you’re all better”. No, it doesn’t work that way. It’s something we deal with daily. We have our good days and bad days, but good things make it better like music and good friends to support you. That’s where our program comes in. It works. Guitars in hands helps nerves tremendously and especially teaching in a group session where the disabled veterans may already be use to coming to (group session). It’s that same kind of veterans being able to learn a new way to help their problems but on the other while you bring a group of vets going through the same thing. 

But this Band, The Dayton Guitars 4 Heroes Band, give up their time and talents to not entertain but to raise money at our performances, events, parties, whatever you may want us to play at! Every $$ dollar will be put in the Local Rec 4 Heroes Dayton Program to help buy guitars, guitars accessories, and any other that’s related to our local program here in The Miami Valley Area. Thank you for your support for the program!

But thank you for the support for the Dayton Guitars 4 Heroes Band and anyone that has connections or ideals for Booking this band here. All Events book will be posted on our Facebook page here at Dayton Guitars 4 Heroes Band. So check our Event Calendar and come on out and enjoy and support!!